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For more than 20 years, the Dri Wash ‘n Guard® product line has shaped the waterless car care industry. Ever since Dri Wash ‘n Guard was introduced as the first waterless car wash product on the market, our mission has continued to develop the industry into what it is today.

Our Mission:

July 2008 Issue of Soaring Tech Article features DriWash'n Guard®  MORE

Washing your car is easier without water

Three years ago, Roy, who sells and repairs boats in Newport Beach, was approached by a customer and offered a waterless cleaning agent called Dri Wash. He was told it would work fine on both boats or cars. MORE

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Waterless Times Winter 2014


The weekend of April 1st and 2nd brought DWG Distributors from all over the U.S.and Canada  MORE

Southern California Grads!!!        


The Water Crisis  

California's Pipe Dream - On a blistering day in the megalopolis that is southern California, Shivaji Deshmukh of the Orange County Water District offers me a cup of cool, clear water that just yesterday was swirling around in an Anaheim toilet bowl. We're standing outside the second largest water-reclamation facility in the world, a high-tech assemblage of micro-filters, membranes, and UV lights that every day recycles 70 million gallons of Orange County sewage into water so clean it's almost distilled. "It's OK," Deshmukh reassures me, casually taking a slug from his own cup. "It's the same technology they use on the space station." MORE

WATER MAP REVEALS 80% OF THE WORLD FACES SCARCITY RISK - Businesses could soon face crippling water shortages according to new research revealing 80% of the world's population lives in areas experiencing serious water security risks.A series of maps published yesterday in the journal Nature, collating data on documented threats to human water security and freshwater biodiversity in global river systems, showed that large swathes of the world's land are at risk of water shortages that could impact both biodiversity and human water security. MORE

The New Oil - Sitka, Alaska, is home to one of the world’s most spectacular lakes. Nestled into a U-shaped valley of dense forests and majestic peaks, and fed by snowpack and glaciers, the reservoir, named Blue Lake for its deep blue hues, holds trillions of gallons of water so pure it requires no treatment. The city’s tiny population—fewer than 10,000 people spread across 5,000 square miles—makes this an embarrassment of riches. MORE

Great lakes water levels drop worries boaters, shippers - Each of the Great Lakes, as well as Lake St. Clair, will be lower this summer, and that means headaches for those who use the waters for work and play. For waterfront homeowners, it will mean the retreat of the lakes from their property. For the beleaguered shipping industry, it will mean the loss of carrying capacity at a time when every ton of cargo counts. For the region's boaters, it will mean a greater need for care entering and leaving their slips. MORE

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