Today, there are many ways to earn an income with Dri Wash n’ Guard® and DWG International™. Many distributors throughout the company are earning great checks. Some are receiving up to 5 checks per month with DWG International™ in addition to their retail sales income and service income they are generating with the Dri Wash ‘n Guard® products.

DWG International™ wants to help each distributor double their income over the next 6 months, and here are some ideas on how to help you achieve that goal:

  1. Show the products to twice as many people.
    The more people you show and demonstrate our complete product line to, the more business you will do! Feature the Complete Detail Kit. Detail your car in a public place and make sure others can see your signs and the products. Show your friends our amazing line of home care products. Have a party and share the products and opportunity with everyone you know. Invite everyone to bring a friend.
  2. Share the plan with whoever you can!!
    Share the income opportunity along with your product demos. There is a BIG business behind theses great products. Share it with everyone that you can. Some will say “yes” and your business (and your income) will grow!
  3. Duplicate your Efforts!
    You don’t have to do this alone and you shouldn’t. Be active in the new business you have just helped someone begin. By staying involved with those in your organization on a regular basis their confidence level will rise. The results have taught us that the more involved you are with their success, the more success you will have. They in turn will follow your example and help those in their organization too.
  4. Actively manage your organization.
    Through the help of the “back office” section of your website you can monitor the addition of new Dealers, Smart Start Dealers, Managers and Quick Start Managers into your organization. The supplied contact information allows you to make personal contact with them and then to help them grow and advance in the DWG compensation plan. By taking an active role in their success you will create a foundation within your business that can pay you for a life time.

When you implement these 4 steps into your business the question is no longer if your income will double, it’s simply a question of “How soon will your income double?” Begin by sharing this with those you have already sponsored and with everyone you sponsor from this day forward. Look at the potential that is available by just using the Complete Detail Kit.


If you found 3 people and they each found 3 and so on and each person in your organization orders only 3 Detail Kits (not to mention any of our other fine products) your earnings would be:

Director’s Commissions = $482.68 

Now, simply find 1 more person (and teach those you sponsor to do the same) and look what you earnings would be:

Director’s Commissions = $1058.40

Your earnings more than doubled by simply implementing the 4 steps and teaching the power of what one additional person can do in your business.

Share this with everyone in your organization. Make sure everyone is familiar with all of the products and knows how to demonstrate and use them. Through this process other products will be sold and new people will be sponsored into your organization. Just imagine what your income would be if everyone purchased just one case of Dri Wash n’ Guard® every month!!

It really is just that simple.  Urge your entire organization to order and use ALL of the products and know how to demonstrate them. Then teach everyone you sponsor these 4 steps. Your effort will be well defined and specific! By following this simple formula, your income will double and life as you know it will become a lot easier. Then, when you are ready, sponsor 1 more and watch your business and your income grow!! The choice is yours. How soon do you want to increase your income? The growth will be exponential!

Now, teach others to do the same!!